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“expertise was quickly used throughout the Group, input was invaluable with practical solutions”. Property Director EMAP plc

“knowledge of occupational H&S, particularly as it relates to the publishing industry, is very detailed and practical.... quality of assessments and reports is very thorough... you relate well to all Managers and this has proved effective in getting their interest in health and safety issues”HR Manager EMAP Consumer Magazines

“the level of interest, commitment and follow up made it seem more like the consultant was part of the team... it was personable and you quickly gained the respect of whoever you were working with”.HR Director BDO LLP

“the contribution has been welcomed and appreciated at all levels in the company”.Trade Manager Airlift Book Company

“it is good to know that our external H&S adviser has defied bureaucracy and achieved so much progress in bringing our organisation up to scratch in this important area”C.E.O EMAP Business Communications

“you know the language, culture and purpose of our organisation so well that it feels as if you have been part of our business for years”National Development Officer Church Army

“we have used your expertise as a source of constant advice for 10 years, this support and advice has been invaluable and we will continue to use your wealth of knowledge in this area”.Group Facilities Manager Bauer Media

“I have engaged your services in 3 businesses. During training your well-balanced approach arms attendees with the necessary tools and confidence to incorporate their learning into their own workplace. You are also able to engage audiences less than enthusiastic about the subject and adapt your teaching style to the needs of any organisation. Your thorough approach means that you always research new clients and quickly identify the key stakeholders to ensure your approach is empathic and parallel. Your enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring”.Administration and HR Manager BDO LLP, Addaction and EMAP

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